Activity 3: A Tool for Inquiry
Hands On Physics

What can I expect to get out of doing this part of the activity?

HOP title
The HOP team at Concord Consortium has developed a project-based learning course in secondary physics. Students investigate key physics concepts with materials that are easily available.

In this activity, you'll learn to:

  • build and test an Aircart,
  • experiment with an Aircart.
  • how long will it take?

    20 minutes for the reading.

    40 minutes for work with Hands On Physics.


    1. Read the entire Core project and make sure you have all the materials needed including cardboard and a metal coat hanger.

    2. As you read through the core project, think about how it relates to the Messing Around section of this unit.
    Activity 3
    TO DO Checklist

    __ Print this page!

    Readings & Hands On
    __ Complete the online reading.
    __ Construct your Aircart.

    Initial Thoughts
    __ Post your initial comments on Activity 3 and read some of the module-based discussion in the HOP Discussion area.

    Local Study Group Meeting
    __ Attend LSG meeting where colleagues share their new "tools" for inquiry.

    Further Reflection
    __ Visit the HOP Discussion area again to read more of the dialogue and share your insights and questions.

    Build the Aircart described in the Core Project at

    The construction of the Aircart is worth thinking through as you build it. Answer the questions in the text as well as the questions separated out as "Questions."


    While working with the materials take a few minutes to ask yourself:

    1. What has been the evidence might I gather that students have learned anything from doing this unit? What assessments would be appropriate?

    2. There are EXTENSIONS materials found in the Mechanics Unit. What components would you add to make this unit fit in your curriculum?