Activity 1: A Tool for Inquiry
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What can I expect to get out of doing this activity?

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In this part of the activity you will be introduced to Global Lab's indoor air quality testing module. Global Lab (GL) has developed several tools, including an inexpensive air pump that, together with sampling tubes, enables accurate CO2 testing.

how long will it take?

30 min for the reading.
30 min for initial work with the Global Lab air unit.



Read the Overview of Coming Exploration. This is an overview of the CO2 testing activity.

Also read Global Lab Classroom Gets Breathing Room for Entire School. This set of sequential e-mail reports allow us to follow the progress of an actual classroom performing and analyzing the measurements. Later on, you will actually take the measurements.

Activity 1
TO DO Checklist

__ Print this page!

Readings & Hands On
__ Complete the online readings.
__ Review the actual test procedures.

Initial Thoughts
__ Post your initial comments on Activity 1 and read some of the module-based discussion in the GL Discussion area. Check out the personal Introductions and Tech FAQ discussions there too.

Local Study Group Meeting
__ Attend LSG meeting where colleagues share their new "tools" for inquiry.

Further Reflection
__ Visit the GL Discussion area to read more of the dialogue and post additional comments.

For this activity, simply READ the procedures for assembling and using the instrument, Building the TERC Air Pump, Measuring CO2 with Gas Sampling Tubes and Measuring CO2 with Diffusion Tubes. As you read, imagine yourself working with students, doing these tasks.

Questions for thought:

  • As you imagine taking these measurements, what factors might you predict could influence the measurement?
  • Do you think there might be a relationship among such variables as CO2, temperature, number of people in the room?