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What kind of hardware do I need for NetAdventure?
You need a computer that can access the Internet using a graphical browser. It needs to be able to support a reasonably fast connection and have at least 5-10 MB of available hard drive space.You need to be able to download large files. We recommend using a modem of at least 28.8 baud rate. A color monitor is also recommended!

What kind of software should I have on my computer?
Reliable access to the following programs would be very helpful for the completion of all of the NetAdventure challenges.

Commercial applications include: word processing (MS-WORD, WordPerfect, Simpletext, Notepad), spreadsheet (Excel, ClarisWorks, Lotus), and graphics (Adobe Photoshop, MacDraw, PaintShop Pro).

Please visit the following Web sites to learn about free or shareware applications!

MAC- Alice:

Last but not least, you need a graphical web browser that supports frames and Java to participate in some of the challenges. Please visit the following Web sites to learn about free and newer versions that are available:
Netscape Navigator:
Microsoft Explorer

For users of:

Windows 95 users will need at least Netscape Navigator 2.0, Microsoft Explorer 3.0 or AOL 3.0 (what was CyberDog) to work on NetAdventure challenges.

Macintosh users will need Microsoft Explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator 3.0.

Windows 3.1 users will only be able to view Java applets with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

During NetAdventure, will I need to download (get) things from the Web?
Sometimes special applications or viewing capabilities will be necessary on a given NetAdventure day. These may range from running a simulation or animation by downloading a Plug-in from the Web, to using a specialized visualization spreadsheet while sharing data with other kids. Each lesson will have the requirements posted and links to sites for the downloads. This does mean that 5-10MB space must be available on your hard drive to store the downloaded material.

During NetAdventure, is it possible to upload (send) things for other people?
We encourage the sharing of data, pictures, and text at anytime! Each NetAdventure will have a discussion area that will allow attachments to be added to the text. You can attach pictures you draw with your own software, digitized pictures you create. All materials must be original or copyright-free.

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