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Month NetAdventure Description Theme
May Descent of a Ball Design and build a structure that slows down and speeds up the descent of a ball. Kids will then share their best designs on the Web. The final challenge is to build a Rube Goldberg machine. design.gif
June Solar Observatory Measure how hot items get by exposing them to the sun. Figure out how much energy you get from the sun by measuring how quickly it can heat up water. The final challenge is to build a device that capture the energy from the sun. science.gif
July Mosquitoes Investigate the impact of different colors on mosquito larvae. Kids will join scientist Forrest Mims who is studying and how sunlight and haze influences mosquito larva development. Forrest has an interesting and important theory that needs testing that students can provide. This will give participants a chance to contribute to the advance of science and be published. connections.gif
August Cryptography Learn how secret messages can be encoded and decoded. Participants will see how this ancient issue is now essential to security on the Web. connections.gif
September Estimation Estimate with a game that gives practice at finding numbers with scales. math.gif
October People Population Conduct surveys to predict how your town or region will grow and how this fits into the future population of the world. socialscience2.gif

What happens after the first six months?

After the first six months have past, six new NetAdventures will be introduced.

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