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Each month of NetAdventure starting on the first day of the month, we will post a task, activity, or project challenge in either math, science, social sciences, or technology. As part of solving problems, the participants will engage in online discussion groups, as well as consult with online experts. They will post their data, view other's data, and evaluate their joint results. They are then encouraged to do further research into areas that they find intriguing. Each month's activities will be rich enough to spark weeks of thinking and investigations for kids.

Lessons are designed so that everyone will find an area that peaks their interest. For example, if a lesson was on Fibonacci numbers, NetAdventure will introduce these numbers that have interested mathematicians for centuries and have spawned a rich literature of puzzles and problems. While younger kids might be interested in computing the Fibonacci numbers (and it takes only addition), others might get interested in finding these numbers in nature, and others might try to understand some related number theory.

What cool topics are found in a NetAdventure?

Month Mission NetAdventure Theme
May Sharing data on the web! Descent of a Ball design.gif
June Fresh challenges to old puzzles! Solar Observatory science.gif
July Sharing data on the web! Mosquitoes connections.gif
August Finding patterns and numbers! Cryptography connections.gif
September Finding patterns and numbers! Estimation math.gif
October How to build a model! People Population socialscience2.gif
You can also read more about the topics and weeks in detail.

Topics are subject to change.
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