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NetAdventure's Walk-thru Demo

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Once you have clicked on an activity link, you will be on a page called "On Your Mark, Get Set" with background reading for the activity. At the bottom, the section "Go" links to four types of challenges that you can take of varying difficulty:

post your own
The starter, mega, and super challenges contain an activity, and three buttons:

read other postPost a Response allows you to submit your solution or ideas to the activity. Read a Response allows you to read other peoples' solutions or ideas. Post Your Own allows you to submit your own activity. If selected, it will be used for as Friday's activity.

A NetAdventurist would post a response in a window like this:

post response

A NetAdventurist can read a response by clicking on a link in a list like this:

read other post

Or, if you are stumped and need help, "Ask the Guide" is an e-mail link to a NetAdventure Guide on-call.

ask the guide

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